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A 5 or 6 day split with rep and set ranges of 3-4x8-12/2-3x10-15 will also work so long as you eat a decent amount and understand the mechanics and rest required. The guys who look like body builders tend to train like body builders, which is rarely 5/3/1. I listened to the r/fitness stuff and drank the coolaid, but all I have now is 27 inch ....

Because I had aesthetic goals, my lifts didn’t went through the roof, but in the future I maybe consider running a powerlifting routine. DL: 198lb (90kg) -> 306lb (140kg) Bench: 132lb (60kg) -> 198lb (90kg)High Volume Training. 5-6 sets of 15-18 reps. shoot for 60-120 reps total. High protein diet. Eggs, oatmeal, protein shakes, pasta, chicken, tuna. 3. b0ringg • 8 yr. ago. I saw the most growth when I was lifting eight days a week and I put on the most mass while bulking on my cut. Split was PPPPLLPL. 4.

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Reddit iOS Reddit Android Reddit Premium About Reddit Advertise Blog Careers Press. Terms & Policies ... I started coolcicada's PPL routine with a few changes earlier this month (moved on from SL as well) and so far I'm liking the volume and frequency. I do PPLPPLR, so 6 days per week. I've seen this recommended on fittit in several other ...Legs: Squat, leg press, hamstring curl, leg extension, calf raises. Push and pull are based around planes. Two vertical movements (for example, one pull from above [deadlifts] and one from below [pull ups]), one horizontal movement (which for pulling is rows), and one isolation exercise. Legs is based on squats, and which machines my gym has.for awhile i was doing a routine that was a 6 day split of Chest/Shoulders and Back/Legs 3 times a week each; the main idea was do hypertrophy movements for whichever group you didn't do the power movements for that day, and the last two days of the week was hypertrophy for both.

I have seen a few posts recently asking about dumbbell routines or mentioning the lack of dumbbell routines in r/fitness. I decided to put this routine together as a potential alternative option to The Dumbbell Stopgap listed in the wiki.I may even transition back to it in the future; I'm currently running a 4 day UL split. Essentially, you're just going to need to find the equivalent exercises from, say, the PPL routine from r/Fitness in bodyweight, rather than using equipment. It wouldn't be too hard to change over if you gave it some effort, but you'd probably want to go ...Technique used on this program : 1- Pyramid : esay way it start with weight can do 10reps and (1-2 Reps in reserve ) Add weights and lower the reps "10 - 8 - 6 - 4 ". Each set with those reps and higher weight " add weight from 1kg - 2.5kg ". Exemple of mine : This technique i use only on push ups / dips. i dont know which one will help with ... Opinions on Reddit's Often Recommended PPL Program? Hey guys, I was just looking for opinions on a program that is very popular and often recommended on Reddit. link: reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/37ylk5/a_linear_progression_based_ppl_program_for PULL

I have been doing dumbbell-only routines for about two years now. It started due to limited space and money. I already had a flat bench and the dumbbells on hand. I've continued to adjust my routines between similar PPL and also full body circuit training, but remaining consistent for 3-6 months at a time with the chosen routine.Nowadays, I get weared out by the end of the week nearing that lovely rest day, but the rest day replenishes my physical and mental energy to start the next week again. Bob3729 • 6 yr. ago. Make sure you’re timing your rest. In large compounds, 3 mins between sets, on accessories, 1min rest between sets. ….

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I started with SL 5x5 but got bored and felt lazy on my off days. Been doing PPL since around mid May. Currently still cutting as I was pretty fat and out of shape. Losing about 0,5 kg a week. Lifts arent that impressive yet, but are still going up: DL: 100 Kg / 220 lbs. Bench: 60 Kg / 132 lbs. OHP: 40 kg / 88 lbs.The PPL routine has been a highly effective and reliable split used successfully by powerlifters and bodybuilders ranging from beginner to professional. This is because it effectively groups synergistic muscles and is easily adaptable to a variety of constraints and performance goals. ... Reddit PPL (Push Pull Legs Reddit) Because we ...

Welcome to the /r/bodyweightfitness wiki! Bodyweightfitness is for redditors who like to use their own body to train, from the simple pull-ups, pushups, and squats to the advanced bodyweight movements like the planche, one arm chin-ups, or single leg squats. We have several complete routines for strength and hypertrophy and a variety of more in ...Oct 10, 2023 · PUSH PULL LEGS ROUTINE COMPLETE GUIDE. One of the first pros of PPL is the flexibility of focus. This means that you can follow the split regardless of your training focus (e.g., strength gains, muscle mass, general fitness, or athletic training). The next pro of the PPL split is something called functional efficiency.PPL+core (40 lbs dumbbells mostly, small bench for dumbbell press) 175g protein daily, 35/25/40 macros of F/C/P, 2000 calories. I was -500 cal deficit at the start but after losing 30+ lbs (and going from 42 waist to 36 waist) it seems like 2000 is my maintenance now. No significant cardio beyond cycling and walking.

best p365 upgrades Are you looking for some new and exciting dinner ideas to break up your meal routine? Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy or a more complex dish, there are plenty of delicious dinner recipes that can help you switch up your ... timeworn gazelleskin mapattorney yodit tewolde husband The extra two days of rest will probably be good for recovery and gaining. For the love of god, don't do three biceps and triceps exercises per workout. All you need is one per work out: Tricep extensions on Push 1, tricep pushdowns on Push 2. Barbell Curls on Pull 1, Hammer Curls on Pull 2.Push Pull Legs 5 Day Split Routine for Bodybuilding This PPL 5 day split involves high-rep sets (10 to 20) for the first three days and heavy-load low-rep sets (6 to 10) for the last two days. The high-rep sets help build muscles, while the … where to buy kobalt replacement parts So 1 rep of 150lbs is 150lbs of work, 2 reps would be 300lbs of work, etc. So 2 reps and 150lbs and 3 reps of 100lbs are the same amount of work, 300lbs. Study. 6. Insertnamesz • 7 yr. ago. In that case, your definition of work is equivalent to the popular definition for volume. Being sets*reps*weight. 4. busted mugshots front royal vaclay county power outage mapkia utica ny Best. Looks good for a barbell only split. Just personal preference, but I would add some heavy barbell curls and front squats into the routine. Maybe 1 Back/Biceps day you have barbell curls, and then reverse grip curls the next. Same thing with Leg days, maybe front squats for 1 day, and then some other variation the next Leg day like ... onn curved fhd gaming monitor Nope. You can potentially do the same workout twice per week with a PPLRPPL routine. You don't need to. When I've ran PPL it's been the same workouts twice weekly. Some people do have two different workouts though if you want to. Good ways to do so are make one day heavy and the other volume focused, or to change the main focus lift (eg 1 Bench ...You can most likely bypass the advanced program and just re-run beginner and intermediate if you want a longer training cycle. 5/3/1 BUILDING THE MONOLITH. This is another program I've detailed extensively here, but again, to sum up, I put on 4.5lbs in 6 weeks, once again working VERY hard and eating VERY big. ac pro port locatorpro golf event crossword cluethe advocate obituaries louisiana Best powerbuilding programs. nSuns and make your accessories bodybuilding-esque. I.e. hit all the muscles powerlifting doesn't hit as hard - lats, rear delts, biceps, calves, abs, etc. nSuns is brutal on my joints. I do 5/3/1 + hypertrophy accessory work.